Numerical Analysis for Science and Engineering

Fit Kit is a program for entering, manipulating, and analyzing sets of data in the form of x,y data pairs, with the emphasis on manipulating and analyzing.  It is intended for analyzing and presenting results quickly and efficiently to the user for further reflection, and requires of the user a minimum of interaction with or understanding of the internal processes used.

  Fit Kit is not designed to generate presentation-quality graphics on screen or as hard copy.  The graphics are generated quickly and, for the most part, automatically.  The function of the graphics of the program is to enhance the understanding of relationships between the data and the manipulation.  To that end graphs are generated with a minimum of editing required of the user.  The printed output of data is simply a screen dump of the graphics window with control buttons removed.

Graph of Fast Fourier Transform

Fit Kit allows up to ten data sets in memory or in a single data file.  Data may be entered and edited from the keyboard as individual data points.  In addition, several functions allow entire data sets to be adjusted by an additive or multiplicative constant.  Other functions allow two data sets to be added to or subtracted from each other, or have one multiplied or divided by the other.

Fit Kit will generate a weighted fit of any data set to a straight line, a simple exponential, a simple power law, a polynomial to order nine, a linear combination of Legendre polynomials, a linear combination of Chebyshev polynomials, a linear combination of Bessel functions of the first or second kind, a linear combination of several other useful polynomials, a non-linear combination of several useful functions such as Gaussians, Lorenzians, exponentials, delayed exponentials, etc., as well as functions which are completely user-defined with up to eight fitting constants.  With fits to a linear combination of functions, you may choose to fit only the odd or even terms.

Fit Kit will generate the derivative or integral of a data set, smooth data, or take a cubic spline or fast fourier transform of a data set.  It will also find the convolution, deconvolution, or correlation between two data sets.

Fitkit source code is available for $295.  Fitkit is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and uses Graphics Server 4 for the graphing functions.  You will need both of these commercial packages to be able to customize the program for your own special uses.  Fitkit source code is for personal use only.  Modified versions of Fitkit may not be distributed in any form by any method.  Neither may you incorporate any portion of Fitkit source code, or derivative of that code, into any commercial product.  To order the Fitkit source code please call us at our toll free number (866) 571-9517.

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